Created by DC Concept, with the technological construction seal of the renowned brand NELO, Flying Sardine boards represent a new approach to the sport where sailing experience, design and technology are unite as tools to create the ultimate formula raceboard.


Flying Sardine boards use an advanced construction system, allied with their unique design, and 100% lightweight and highly resistant materials, which allows them to assume as the wildest reliable boards in the market.


Lighter, faster and easier to manoeuvre, Flying Sardine boards are the next generating in formula raceboards.



Inspired by the Portuguese maritime tradition, by their ancestral relation with the sea and all that surrounds it, Flying Sardine is a formula kiteboard brand experiencing a convincing commitment with performance and skill.


The name "Flying Sardine" is nothing more than a teasing fusion of the purpose and spirit of this sport with a kind of fish and dish so appreciated in the Portuguese gastronomic culture... sardines!


As a global brand, Flying Sardine needs to be packed, preserved and shipped. With that in mind we choose to use some canning industry insights to reinforce the concept… like “Olive Oil” all the boards are named after some canned sardines blend!


Flying Sardine wants to create a truly solid bond with their riders, based on some simple premises… fly, sustained on a board truly adapted to the environment... fly feeling the Portuguese sea conqueror tradition on your scales... fly to be the fastest...

fly with sardines!



The 10 Flying Sardine commandments:


- Love the sea as it loves you;

- Eat sardines… they are a font of omega 3;

- Make your own path…

- Live freely;

- Be faster than others;

- Tattoo the number 2 on your back… be mercy…

let others know their place!

- Love your board;

- Name your board… she’s precious.

- Take care of your sardine as she takes care of you;

- Don’t cross the lines… ride safer;

- Fly above the water… fly with sardines!